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The Stories of Meridian

Meridian Architectural Trust's mission is built on the belief that our stories are a vital part of saving our architectural heritage. We believe in actively preserving the stories that are tied to our built environment. A key part of every story is its physical setting. The location frames the story. It helps us more fully experience the story. If you have a story that takes place in Meridian, we would like to learn more about it and possibly include it in our collection. Please contact us!

Below you will find a list of the story-based projects we are building and how we hope to use them.

Historic Buildings of Meridian

Meridian Pics-170_edited.jpg
  • Meridian Architectural Trust is building a digital collection of old photographs. If you have photos that you would like to donate to Meridian Architectural Trust or allow us to scan, please email us.

  • If you would be interested in documenting historic houses that still exist in Meridian, please contact us here

  • If you have a story to tell about a picture in our collection, please visit this page of our website.

The Oral History Project

Meridian Architectural Trust is starting an oral history initiative to save the stories of our community before they are lost forever. We will be partnering with several institutions, and we will be offering training in the fall on oral histories in order to involve the wider community. 

Meridian Pics-14_edited.jpg
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